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Changes between 2014-10-20 and 2014-11-20

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2014-11-11 08:29:56 Katrin Falkenstein-Feldhoff /miless/trunk/miless-webapp/src/main/webapp/navigation.xml v 31144

added new issue sgo
2014-10-29 17:00:43 Frank Lützenkirchen /miless/trunk/miless-webapp/src/main/xsl/derivate.xsl v 31018
/miless/trunk/miless-webapp/src/main/xsl/document.xsl v 31018
/miless/trunk/miless-webapp/src/main/xsl/mediaFileTools.xsl v 31018

Do not build download links when @streamDownloadAllowed is false, unless the user has write permission on the document. This should fix bug number #554
2014-10-29 16:50:18 Frank Lützenkirchen /miless/trunk/miless-webapp/src/main/xsl/viewerStarter-common.xsl v 31017

Do not show download link when stream download is not allowed
2014-10-29 16:03:43 Frank Lützenkirchen /miless/trunk/miless-webapp/src/main/webapp/images/icons/download_16.png v 31016
/miless/trunk/miless-webapp/src/main/webapp/images/icons/m3ugen_16.png v 31016
/miless/trunk/miless-webapp/src/main/webapp/images/icons/m3ugen_32.png v 31016

Added missing icons for download and m3ugen (IPhone segmented playlist)
2014-10-24 14:03:23 Nils Verheyen /miless/trunk/miless-base/pom.xml v 30943
/miless/trunk/miless-base/src/main/java/miless/fileoutput/ v 30943

fixed bug #553 of redmine. downloads of files larger than 1gb do not work on some windows machines
2014-10-21 15:20:01 Katrin Falkenstein-Feldhoff /miless/trunk/miless-webapp/src/main/webapp/navigation.xml v 30916

added new issue diversitaet konkret