Package miless.datamodel

Class Summary
Category This class represents a category in a hierarchical classification system, e.
Classification Instances of this class represent a hierarchical classification system like the PACS classification for physics.
Contact A Contact object holds contact information for a legal entity, like one or more email-addresses, web page URLs, postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers.
Creator This class represents a dublin core creator entry for a document.
Derivate A derivate represents a collection of files belonging to a document.
DerivateContentType A DerivateContentType identifies the type of content of a derivate in an aggregated view.
DocSmall Instances of this class collect information about a Document like main title, creator names etc.
Document This class represents a document in the MILESS data model.
DocumentContributor This is the abstract base class for the roles that a legal entity can play dealing with documents.
ExternalDerivate An external derivate is a derivate that is stored externally, so it simpley provides a URL pointing to the derivate content somewhere in the web.
InternalDerivate An internal derivate is a derivate where the files belonging to the derivate are stored in the system itself.
LegalEntity A legal entity is a corporation or a person.
OtherContributor This class represents other contributors to Documents, that means contributors that are not creators or publishers of documents in the dublin core data model.
Person Instances of this class represent a legal entity that is a person.
Publisher This class represents a dublin core publisher entry for a document.
Relation Represents a relation to another document.
SchemedText This class represents dublin core elements that consist of text, a language and a scheme entry, like description, source, coverage and rights entries.
Title Instances of this class represent a title for a document.
URIResolverProvider Implements MyCoRe URI Resolver for MILESS.
XMLBuilder Builds XML representations of MILESS datamodel metadata objects.
XMLExporter Provides methods to create XML representations of MILESS documents, legal entities, derivates and all its metadata.
XMLParser Parses JDOM xml elements that contain xml representations of miless metadata objects like documents, legal entities, derivates and classifications.