Examples for MyCoRe and MILESS Installations

Documentserver, archives, imagedatabases or library applications that are based on MyCoRe or MILESS, are located in Germany. In the following there are numerous examples of project.

Link zum Bild eines Matrikelbuches

Hamburger Matrikelportal

Universitätsarchiv Hamburg

Screenshot Islamische Handschriften

Islamische Handschriften

Orientalisches Institut, Universitätsbibliothek, Universitätsrechenzentrum Leipzig

Screenshot Catalogus Professorum

Catalogus Professorum Rostochiensium (CPR)

Forschungsstelle Universitätsgeschichte, Universitätsarchiv und Universitätsbibliothek Rostock

You may find more project descriptions in our blog within the category applications (engl.).