Sample Application

MyCoRe MODS Institutional Repository

The "MyCoRe MODS Institutional Repository" (MIR) is the repository application, that is ready to install. This package provides all the typical IR functionality and may be used for productive operation. Adaptation are made only to the layout and to the content. All metadata are stored as MODS XML. For more information on MIR, please see the documentation.


A sample MIR application can be tested at The following user account has all rights for testing:

user name password permissions
administrator alleswirdgut no restrictions (superuser)
autor autor123 author, can create new documents and edit his own, until they are published (submitter)
editor editor123 editor, can create, edit documents and edit a defined subset of classifications (editor)

Production applications of MyCoRe user

The map provides an overview about all mycore applications of the community. Here you can look for suitable examples get in contact to the developer.