MyCoRe is an open source project, that originated from the MILESS Project at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

An association of developers from various German universities and university libraries are jointly developing the framework. This team constitutes the MyCoRe Developer Community.

How is the community organized?

As a professional open source project with great responsibility for the application it creates, it is helpful to use appropriate tools for team-driven development. The following figure shows an overview of the organizational structure and the tools used:

Overview of the MyCoRe organization

Figure 1: Overview of the MyCoRe-Organisation

MyCoRe Office

The MyCoRe developer community has decided to install a business office to improve communication with the users, to coordinate the work and the external presentation of the project. It should serve as the first point of contact for all interested parties.

The duties of the office include the organization of developer meetings and the user workshop. How to reach the office is explained below Contact.

Communication with the developers

You can reach us on our mailing lists.
Additional information for users can be found in our Wiki (e.g. How-to instructions).
Error messages can be sent directly to our ticket system Atlassian JIRA.

Tools, used by MyCoRe developers

In detail, the following software is used:

  • As a developer platform Eclipse is used.
  • The MyCoRe code is hosted and versioned on GitHub.
  • If changes and further developments are committed to the GitHub system, the comments are automatically transferred to the corresponding ticket. Here we are using Atlassian JIRA.
  • In cyclic intervals integration test are performed by Atlassian Bamboo.
  • Successful builds of snapshots are verified by Travis and Codacy. Afterwards the code is delivered as snapshot to Sonatype MyCoRe-Artifactory, where it is provided for delivery via Maven. Releases are provided in Maven-Central.