JIRA Report

Key Summary Status Resolution By
MCR-1869 Access to MCRFileCollection.data is not synchronized Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-1868 MCRCStoreIFS2 is not thread safe Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-1830 ConcurrentModificationException when CLI finishes and SOLR document handler still working Closed Fixed Matthias Eichner
MCR-1726 Deadlock in MCRShutdownHandler Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-1562 DOIs with registrant codes containing '.' cannot be parsed Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-1525 Applications has connection leaks and rund out of connections Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-1480 children entry is missing in parent structure Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-1481 Opening iview with ?div= should never lead to exception Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-1425 IE11 cannot open some PDF files in mycore-viewer Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-1421 Map multiple Shibboleth attributes to user attributes Closed Fixed René Adler
MCR-1410 Classification Editor discards changes after hitting save button 😳 Closed Fixed Matthias Eichner
MCR-1367 WebCLI does not load - HTTP Error 302 Moved temporarily Closed Fixed Michel Büchner
MCR-1331 CLI produces a corrupt unprocessed-commands.txt Closed Fixed Michel Büchner
MCR-1261 no duplicate check for derivate URNs Closed Fixed Robert Stephan
MCR-1254 MODSEmbargoFilter doesn't work for Viewer Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-1236 after JPA migration you cannot call "create configuration directory" Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-1132 MCRSession has non-thread safe access to MCRServletJob Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-1108 MCRServlet3LoginServlet defines a new session cookie each time a website is loaded Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-1106 MCRMetaNumber is missing in mcrcommon-datamodel.xsd Closed Fixed Kathleen Neumann
MCR-1101 mycore-sword depends on slf4j-log4j12 which conflicts with log4j-slf4j-impl Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-1100 mycore-sword depends on log4j-1.2 which conflicts with log4j-2 Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-1099 MyCoRe-Sword overwrites servlet-api 3.1.0 to 2.4 Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-979 Files larger than 2 GB cannot be uploaded Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-976 MCRObjectStructure.setParent() sets parent in schema invalid order Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-969 new created related object still contains invalid xlink:href="mir_mods_00000000" Closed Fixed Kathleen Neumann
MCR-947 make it possible set exceptions for dynamic field generation Closed Fixed René Adler
MCR-935 URN checksum digit differs from the one calculated by the dnb Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-927 related items created using MCRExtractRelatedItemsEventHandler are empty Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-922 Command "rebuild solr metadata index" is not working Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-908 default configuration missing for MCR.Module-solr.ConcurrentUpdateSolrServer.Enabled Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-896 Uploaded files with leading blanks in their file names are inadequately supported Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-894 MCRIviewDefaultACLProvider should check for 'view-derivate' permission Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-893 MCRViewerResource does not present HTML error pages Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-891 Due to a rounding issue the checksum computed for an urn may not be correct Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-881 File Upload does not work anymore Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-737 repeater add function for XEditor Closed Fixed Frank Lützenkirchen
MCR-731 EOFException in fileupload-applet Closed Fixed Frank Lützenkirchen
MCR-727 When using solr searcher in oai interface the ListSets verb my not be working Closed Fixed Matthias Eichner
MCR-726 MCRMetaDerivateLink.isValid() always returns false Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-708 SOLR contains dependency to Iview2 Closed Fixed Kathleen Neumann
MCR-701 MCRObject can not be updated Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-695 Cache fails for MCRContentServlet with XSLTransformer Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-693 Error while FileUpload leaves inconsistent system Closed Fixed Frank Lützenkirchen
MCR-684 MCRConfigurationInputStream should respect dependencies between mycore components Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-676 self call of property in iview2 Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-675 property substitution does not work in build tool Closed Fixed Jens Kupferschmidt
MCR-672 build process overwrites user defined hibernate.cfg.xml Closed Fixed Kathleen Neumann
MCR-666 MD5 error in MCRFSNODES for IFS2 Closed Fixed Frank Lützenkirchen
MCR-661 searchfields needed for MCRLegacySearchServlet Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-656 solr schema.xml doesn't work (fieldtype text is missing) Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-649 mcrdata.xml bug in IFS1.5 Closed Fixed Frank Lützenkirchen
MCR-643 MCRUploadHandlerIFS leaks JDBC Connection Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-640 solr-index isn't part of data directory Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-630 ORDERLABEL in METS-Editor Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-623 Scrollbars in thumbnail list do not work Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-617 One can not assign acl through wcms to a certain webpage Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-616 mets.xml does not get updated after adding a new file to the derivate Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-612 Categories have wrong left-/right- values Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-611 Workflow looses action and type Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-610 MCRXMLFunctions.encodeURIPath() does not work for umlauts Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-609 ClassificationEditor does not work for non super users Closed Fixed  
MCR-608 The login page should be accessible only through https Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-607 MCRServlet.encodeURL() does not encode absolute URLs including host Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-601 Mets-Editor: order label is not displayed in the mets-editor Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-599 migrate users sets superusers password to the default value Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-592 iView does not display preview image Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-589 The error message after a failed login is to verbose Closed Fixed  
MCR-588 Not all WebCLI commands are visible Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-587 Image Viewer is not opening in IE8 Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-585 too many open files Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-576 One can delete files from a derivate Closed Fixed  
MCR-574 MCRSessionMgr ist not threadsafe Closed Fixed Frank Lützenkirchen
MCR-573 Illegal identifiers in classification editor possible Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-562 ImageViewer does not support browsing Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-561 MCRMETSServlet returns 501 Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-542 servflags are not defined in xml schema Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-541 External validators are not included correctly Closed Fixed Frank Lützenkirchen
MCR-539 IView is not displayed on page Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-538 Direct link to ImageViewer not working without session? Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-537 condition datetime does not work with multiple formats Closed Fixed Frank Lützenkirchen
MCR-535 Mets Editor can not handle sections with same name Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-532 Adding URN is not working Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-531 OAI Data Provider does not produce valid XMetaDissPlus XML Closed Fixed Matthias Eichner
MCR-528 OAI Data Provider does not calculate UTC Closed Fixed Matthias Eichner
MCR-526 xlink:label is no valid NCName Closed Fixed Huu Chi Vu
MCR-510 Display attribute of a derivate is not evaluated properly Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-509 One can not add a derivate to a document Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-503 Guest user has admin rights Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-495 Wrong Scrollbar in ImageViewer Closed Fixed Sebastian Hofmann
MCR-493 You cannot open any document due to access rights issues Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-491 MyCoRe can not be built Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-488 Href attr. in file section of a mets document is url encoded Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-487 Generated mets files do not validate against schema Closed Fixed Silvio Hermann
MCR-477 Deadlock in lucene results? Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler
MCR-461 Sorting of a fulltext search result has no effect. Closed Fixed Robert Stephan
MCR-460 ACL editor does not work Closed Fixed Huu Chi Vu
MCR-445 no default ACL in SWF scopyobj Closed Fixed Jens Kupferschmidt
MCR-444 no default ACL in SWF scopyobj Closed Fixed Jens Kupferschmidt
MCR-443 Editor forms do not work on validate Closed Fixed Frank Lützenkirchen
MCR-439 ProjectID is "null" in SWF Closed Fixed Thomas Scheffler