MyCoRe 2022.06.1-SNAPSHOT API

Classes required for persistence of MCRAccessControlSystem.
Classes required for persistence of MCRDNBTransferResultsTableMgr.
Classes required for persistence of MCRHIBLinkTableStore.
Holds classes that handling configuration and initialization tasks.
Java 8 Lambdas
Prodvides classes that can be used with Log4J2
Provides custom lookups that provide informations on MyCoRe.
Automatically maps classification categories that have been set manually in object metadata to other classification categories
All classes related to the change history of MCRObject and MCRDerivate.
Contains classes dealing with sharing of metadata.
Contains abstract classes and factories to build a FileSystem on top of different implementations.
Contains classes to build a FileSystem on top of MCRStoredNode.
Various utils for java.nio.file API.
Implements a generic basket of entries and a web frontend to display/add/remove/reorder/comment entries.
Servlets handling C(R)UD operations on MCRObject and MCRDerivate
Handling various kinds of events
Servlets, Commands and Xalan extensions
Service classes for IView2
Jersey resources
Classes for video (streaming).
Classes handling MCRFile
Implementations of the MCRSolrIndexHandler interface
Classes to get index statistics
Contains Classes/Interfaces to configure/extend the behavior of the MyCoRe-Sword2-Implementation.
new MyCoRe user system
Provides classes implementing login functionality
Provides classes not directly related to user and group management
iview configuration
MyCoRe workflow components
Context sensitive mapping of actions
Mail events