Interface MCRUserInformation

All Known Implementing Classes:
MCRContainerLoginServlet.ContainerUserInformation, MCRShibbolethUserInformation, MCRSystemUserInformation, MCRTransientUser, MCRUser

public interface MCRUserInformation
Encapsulates informations about the current authenticated user. A instance of this interface is always bound to MCRSession and can be requested via MCRSession.getUserInformation(). An implementer of this interface should bind the instance to the session via MCRSession.setUserInformation(MCRUserInformation).
Thomas Scheffler (yagee)
  • Field Details

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    • getUserID

      String getUserID()
      The UserID is the information that is used in user clauses of the ACL System.
    • isUserInRole

      boolean isUserInRole(String role)
      The role information is used in group clauses of the ACL System.
    • getUserAttribute

      String getUserAttribute(String attribute)
      Get additional attributes if they are provided by the underlying user system
      attribute - user attribute name
      attribute value as String or null if no value is defined;