Catalogus Professorum Rostochiensium (CPR) [engl.]

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The Catalogue of Professors at Rostock University (CPR) is a project of the Research Group for University History, the University Library and the University Archive. It has been initiated with regard to the upcoming 600-years-anniversary of the University in 2019. The CPR aims to document all professors that have been at the university since its foundation in 1419.

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The CPR currently maintains over 2200 entries. All professors between now and 1563 have already been included. Additionally, a catalogue of chancellors, a catalogue of rectors and a catalogue of the professors and university lecturers of the Ingenieurhochschule für Schiffahrt (IHS) in Warnemünde/Wustrow (Academy of Engineers for Seafaring) have been added.

A CPR profile generally includes the period, the field of study and the institutional association for the corresponding professorship. Additionally, we aim to provide biographical information, a scientific profile and other related activities at the University of Rostock. Articles are supplemented by pictures, curriculums, bibliographies and further documents that are relevant for the specific person. We will also provide links to other online resources in case they are available.

All professors currently active at the University of Rostock, as well as emeriti, have been contacted by us since 2006 and continue to provide us with their data. Newly appointed professors are being integrated continually. If we do not get a response, only short entries will be created, including basic information regarding the professorship. Currently, employees of the Research Group for University History are collecting information regarding "historical" professorships in the period between 1419 and 1563. This period is the main focus of current research.

The CPR is a MyCore application based on the JSPDocportal.