Snapshots and Releases

Every year, the development team prepares a so-called Long Term Support (LTS) Release. It will be maintained and bugfixes will be provided for about one year until the next LTS release has been published. In addition there will be annual releases for MIR and Skeleton. More information about the release management can be found in developer documentation.

Older versions (releases and LTS-releases) are archived on GitHub and on the Maven repository. Old MyCoRe documentation may be found on the corresponding mycore-website branch on GitHub.

The latest software code of MyCoRe core may be found on GitHub. In addition some MyCoRe developers have opened their own repositories to share their components and applications:


MyCoRe is no monolithic software. It offers a set of modules and components for creating your own repositories. You may create customized applications by using only relevant components and modules. A list may be found in section MyCoRe core components of the documentation.

MyCoRe components can be integrated via Maven
or cloned from GitHub and built with the command mvn clean install.


MIR (the MyCoRe MODS Institutional Repository) is a complete, ready to use institutional repository software. It can be downloaded and installed in a few steps.