applications [engl]

18. Jul 2014 Robert Stephan Anwendungen applications [engl]

Catalogus Professorum Rostochiensium (CPR) [engl.]

The Catalogue of Professors at Rostock University (CPR) is a project of the Research Group for University History, the University Library and the University Archive. It has been initiated with regard to the upcoming 600-years-anniversary of the University in 2019.

1. Jan 2013 Jens Kupferschmidt Anwendungen applications [engl]

Islamic Manuscripts [engl.]

Project for the cataloguing and digitising of 55 Islamic manuscripts Screenshot: Islamische Handschriften This project is sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) for the purpose of establishing a database-supported index of and digital access to Arabic, Persian and Turkish manuscripts recently acquired by the Leipzig University Library.

17. Dez 2009 Wiebke Oeltjen Anwendungen applications [engl]

LexM [engl.]

Biographical Dictionary of Persecuted Musicians 1933-1945 screenshot: LexM edited since 2005 at the University of Hamburg by: Claudia Maurer Zenck and Peter Petersen editorial assistant: Sophie Fetthauer home page: contact: sophie.

27. Okt 2008 Frank Lützenkirchen Anwendungen applications [engl]

Docportal (Demo) [engl.]

DocPortal is a simple sample application of MyCoRe, which implements a publication server with typical Dublin Core metadata fields and the three object types “document”, “author” and “institution”. This application is to be seen as an example and reference, but not as a directly productively usable document server.

27. Okt 2008 Frank Lützenkirchen Anwendungen applications [engl]

MILESS [engl.]

MILESS is an institutional content repository developed at the university of Duisburg-Essen, and the “father” of MyCoRe. The institutions using the MILESS software built the MyCoRe community later. MILESS has its own software components, most part of the functionality comes from the MyCoRe kernel that is developed within the community.